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20/30/40/50m C1-Mast

Innovative design
The superior design of the C1-Mast class guarantees ease of assembly on site. Minimal effort is required to erect, thanks to a straightforward tilt-up system.

Specifically designed with remote monitoring in mind, our C1-Mast have survived simulated wind tests of up to 200mph.

Lightweight components mean the masts can be easily transported in sections, making them easy to carry in a ‘sprinter/transit’ style van and avoiding the need for heavy vehicles.

Fast installation times prove a great advantage in adverse conditions and with delivery right to your door anywhere worldwide* we make your job as easy as possible.

Leaves only footprints
Once installed, our C1-Mast enables accurate wind monitoring at the required height with minimal visual impact. No concrete is needed for installation, and our C1-Mast can be easily lowered and removed without a trace, leaving only footprints at the end of the project.

Our C1-Mast is assembled at ground level, so there’s no need for specialist equipment for working at heights. All the instruments you need can be fitted and tested prior to erecting the mast.

And it’s just as easy to install. Only a hand winch is required to tilt the C1-Mast skywards. The main mast is pulled upright using a ginpole, hinged at the baseplate by a heavily reinforced pivot.

It’s this ease of assembly allied with superior quality that’s made our C1-Mast class the preferred choice of many engineers around the world. To complete the picture, check out our full range of ancillary equipment available for the C1-Mast – from booms, sensors and loggers to lightning protection.


* Some exclusions may apply.

C1 Mast


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