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10/15m L1-Mast

Practical, Cost effective and simple to use pieces of wind monitoring equipment and extremely affordable.

Manufactured using high strength galvanised steel tube that can withstand harsh environments

Lightweight components mean the mast can ordinarily be transported to site within the normal payload of a ‘pick-up’ style vehicle. More remote locations may require transfer to an ATV at the drop off point

With a combination of the their straightforward two person installation capabilities and speed of deployment, the L1 mast can provide a cost effective solution to a preliminary main mast data campaign, noise monitoring or Ecological survey platform.

The L1 masts are fully tested and were specifically designed to meet Class One wind site standards, able to withstand winds of over 150mph. You can be sure that they will survive the harshest climates whilst still collecting valuable data.

Every system is supplied with sufficient guy wire to enable good anchoring points to be found, even on difficult terrain

Leaves only footprints

At the end of the monitoring period, the L1 masts can be taken down just as easily, packed back in the vehicle, and take away to a new site or stored for future use. Within just a few days the site will have completely repaired itself, with no sign that the mast was ever there.

To complete the picture, check out our full range of ancillary equipment available for the L1 Masts – from booms, sensors and loggers to lightning protection.

Ground view of a mast being raised

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