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Wind Monitoring Masts

Our wind masts are assembled from high performance mechanical grade steel tubes most of which slot together without the use of fastening devices, ensuring a high tolerance fit and easy assembly on site. Hot dip galvanizing of the whole tube ensures 20 year corrosion resistance.

Mast features – All of our class one wind masts include several key features as standard, in addition to the bespoke packages for each mast category.

10/15m L1-Mast – Lightweight components mean this mast can be transported to remote locations without the need for heavy vehicles.

20/30/40/50m C1-Mast  – Specifically designed with remote locations in mind, our C1-Masts have survived simulated wind tests of up to 200mph.

60/70/80/90m H1-Mast – Designed specifically to withstand harsher environments than any of its competitors, the revolutionary H1-Mast series is leading the way in wind monitoring solutions.

Wind mast standing tall


Unique features of all class one wind masts: 

  •  High grade tubing to DIN specification
  •  Corrosion Protection by hot dip galvanising
  •  Bolt free assembly
  •  Simple erection system
  •  Structural integrity meeting BS5950

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