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The Fulcrum3D Sodar is a portable stand-alone remote sensing unit, delivered complete with its own trailer, solar power supply and communications system. The Sodar compliments our range of wind masts.


The Fulcrum3D Sodar is an advanced technology set to revolutionise wind energy measurement. It’s a world leading remote sensing device:

– Highly accurate measurements, consistent with met masts.

– Superior performance in complex terrain – narrow beam angles.

– Consistent measurements from site to site – physically fixed beam angles.

– Full spectrum recovery means that data consistency is assured even after software enhancements.

– Old data can be reprocessed with improved algorithms to ensure 100% consistency.

– Improvements are immediately obvious by comparing old and new datasets.

– Multi-beam processing means more data recovery.

– Lower cost than any comparable remote sensing device.


It performs in a way that typical wind monitoring towers can’t:

– Measures wind speeds in excess of 150m above ground to cover 100% of the wind turbine swept area.

– Measures wind speeds in 3D providing important inflow angle information which typical anemometers can’t.

– Not affected by mast interference (mast shadow).

– Not affected by inflow angles which introduce errors in cup anemometers.

– Is low cost, with short lead time and flexible deployment/redeployment.

– Does not require any planning approval to install.

Fulcrum3D Sodar back


The key advantage of wind monitoring using a Fulcrum3D Sodar are:

  • More accurate wind data over the entire turbine area
  • Full data traceability
  • Lower cost, more flexible deployment
  • Reduce maintenance and insurance requirements

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