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Wind Sensors

We have a wide range of different sensors available to suit your specific needs, which can be combined into a complete system to give you everything you need to monitor the wind.

The Vector A100 Anemometer

The Vector A100 Anemometer 
 The A100 Anemometer has a three cup rotor running a shaft, and is available as either a passive version using a magnetically actuated switch or an active version using a chopped optical beam. Both versions provide pulse signals proportional to the wind speed being monitored. A MEASNET calibration service is also available.

The Vector Wind Vane

The Vector Wind Vane 

This wind vane incorporates a precision wire-wound potentiometer enabling the wind direction to be accurately observed at all times. The instrument geometry also meets IEA standards. Marine and anti-icing hear options are available on request.

NRG #40C Anemometer

NRG #40C Anemometer 
 Manufactured in a special robust plastic, this is a simple yet rugged performer. Cup rotation produces an AC sine wave voltage, with frequency proportional to wind speed. The #40C comes with a calibration certificate that is traceable to NIST standards.

NRG #200P Wind Vane

NRG #200P Wind Vane 
 This competitively priced wind vane is based around a conductive plastic potentiometer located inside the main body.


Attaching the wind sensors to a mast


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