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Bat Monitoring

Bats and their roosts are legally protected by domestic and international legislation. The purpose of the legislation is to maintain and restore protected species enabling their populations to thrive.

In mainland Europe evidence of bat collisions has led to growing concerns about the siting and operation of wind turbines. Research, with support from Renewable UK, is now under way to address this issue. As a priority it is now recommended that wind assessment projects should take this into account And include the provision for bat monitoring equipment as standard.

Q. How can I protect myself?

A By installing bat monitoring equipment as standard on mast installations

Q. What if I do nothing?

A. You may be required to carry out these tests.It could mean the unnecessary dropping of a mast to retrospectively install the equipment at significant cost, or even potentially jeopardise a future planning decision.

How can we help?

Nexgen have engineered a complete bat monitoring solution at an attractive price that will solve this potential problem for you and it is also easy to install. Our system is built around the SM2 Sonic Recorder which is the preferred choice of many ecologists. We highly recommend that this equipment is seriously considered in all cases.

For peace of mind contact us for more information on why this is such an important issue, not only in terms of developing wind farms.

Sensor and data logging equipment attached to mast.

More Information 

Nexgen Bat Monitoring Brochure

Download the full technical specification (pdf, 844.23 kB) requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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