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 We offer a complete range of integrated products incorporating the latest in surveillance equipment, data logging and sensor options. We have a wide range of different sensors available to suit your requirements, which can be combined into a complete system to give you everything you need to monitor the wind.

Wind sensors– We’ve selected a range of anemometers and wind vanes which will integrate with our equipment.

Temperature & pressure sensors – We offer both thermistor-based and probe type sensors for temperature, as well as pressure and humidity sensors.

Booms & arms - To meet the growing range of anemometer requirements and proliferation of new standards for sensor booms, we’ve created the ideal flexible solution: three ‘standard’ side booms, plus sensor arm fittings.

Rainfall sensors – We offer an inexpensive rainfall collector, as well as a high quality rainfall measurement sensor.

Lightning kits & aviation lights – We have an aluminium lightning protection kit designed to meet, or exceed BS 6651. We also have selected a solar-powered LED aviation light to complete your installation.

Bat Monitoring – Our bat monitoring equipment is perfect for wind assessment projects, giving you peace of mind.

Experimenting with a new anemometer.

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