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Kintech EOL Zenith Logger

Built for purpose

Some data loggers on the market are generic; the Kintech EOL Zenith logger however has been designed specifically to suit the needs of the wind industry.

It can support up to 10 pulse type anemometers, 7 wind vanes and a further 8 analogue sensors from a comprehensive selection of the most popular brands.

Data can be easily viewed and charted using Kintech’s powerful user software. The software offers ‘at a glance’ status of all loggers in the field with easy identification of sensor faults.

We house the logger in a weather-tight Glass Reinforced Polyester enclosure with excellent UV stability which protects it from the elements for many years; this also means that the logger will be readily available for re-use in multiple campaigns.  The accompanying memory card (1 gigabyte) has the capacity to store up to two year’s worth of data.

Global Presence

The logger is equipped with a built in GPS module for accurate timing across all masts on any site.  The GPS module also allows the user to view their mast position(s) on Google Earth; two levels of access rights can be applied to the logger to restrict data downloads or viewing of real time data to authorised users.

Technical info

The Kintech EOL Zenith supplies raw data and calibration factors that are applied by the user software, meaning that any user errors picked up during the data campaign can be addressed relatively easily by passing the data through the software with the corrected factors. This negates the need to trawl through data and amend files manually, which could lead to mistakes or uncertainty.

Every logger is tested for functionality and connectivity prior to despatch and can programmed if required (£150 additionally).

Kintech EOL Zenith Logger

Further Information


Kintech EOL Zenith Logger

Download the full technical specification (pdf, 1.04 MB) requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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