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Campbell CR1000

Adaptable and reliable

The Campbell CR1000 is used extensively in the meteorological sector and can easily support all sensor types required for a wind monitoring campaign. 

It is capable of many multi-faceted operations and is able to monitor in a wide range of situations.

As expansive as you need it to be

The Campbell CR1000 can support up to 10 anemometers and up to 16 analogue sensors:

2x Pulse count channels: Anemometers.

8 x Control port channels (Can be used for control or pulse count): Anemometers, Rain gauge, Pressure Sensor Control.

16x Analogue channels: Wind Vanes, Temperature Sensors, Relative Humidity Sensors, Pressure Sensor Readings, Voltage Sensing and any other analogue sensor type.

If more channels are needed, either pulse count or analogue, extra modules can be added to the Campbell CR1000.

Powerful and self-contained

Each logger has an internal 4MB memory which should be enough for 1 year’s data collection with a large sensor load.  An additional Compact Flash card memory module can be added which accepts cards up to 2GB in size should more memory be required.

We supply the loggers in an IP66 sealed Glass Reinforced Polyester enclosure. The kits can either be supplied with a 10Ah or 20Ah lead acid battery as required, similarly with a 10W or 20W Photovoltaic panel. The standard configuration is 20Ah battery and 20W PV panel.

The loggers can support GSM communications and are supplied with a GSM modem as standard.  Dedicated LoggerNet software can be used to retrieve the data from multiple loggers, manually or scheduled automatically.

Every logger is tested for functionality and connectivity prior to despatch and can programmed if required (£150 additionally).

Campbell CR1000

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Campbell CR1000

Download the full technical specification (pdf, 679.04 kB) requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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