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Nexgen can supply a range of data loggers for wind resource monitoring and can offer advice to customers about which logger will be suitable for their needs.

For most wind installations it's necessary to not only evaluate the wind speed at the time of monitoring but also to evaluate whether the monitoring period was typical, i.e. whether it was a particularly windy year or not.

This requires collecting time-series data, usually ten minute mean wind speeds, which are then stored by the data logger for later analysis on a personal computer. The data is then "correlated" with a long-term meteorological site in the region.

The wind speed at any height can be computed, provided that a speed increase curve is known for the location. It is necessary to use a mast fitted with sensors at different levels and simultaneous logging will then enable the derivation of a speed increase curve.

Campbell CR200X – can easily support all sensor types required for a wind monitoring campaign.

Campbell CR800 – is capable of many multi-faceted operations and is able to monitor in a wide range of situations. 

Campbell CR1000 – Provides support for all sensor types required for a wind monitoring campaign.

Kintech EOL Zenith – Designed specifically to suit the needs of the wind industry.

Kintech EOL Zenith Logger



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